15815 Eleanore Virtual Tour Leased in 1 DAY! How we Got $50 more Dollars a Month!!!!!!!

This property was leased in one day to a previous tenant that needed a property immediately. They were excellent tenants and paid on time. We also got another $50 in rent a month ($600 a year) for our client.

This is why we are really the No Stress Investment Option This property has had only one tenant that lived in this home for the last 3 years.

The rental income was over $31,000 net deposited in this client’s bank account. I know I keep talking about successful no stress real estate but you need to know the numbers also. This rehab is less than $8,000.

The initial purchase price was $80,000 and the initial rehab was $10,000 to get this property rent ready.

So the total rehab and purchase is approx $98,000 and the home comps for Approx $160,000

Let’s look at the Appox new numbers for leasing Approx Rent $1450 Tax $180 Insurance $60 PM $125 Net $1085 $13,020 a year

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