How to create good after effects on Investment Real Estate

Here is a property we first got in 2019. We got this from a property management that was not collecting rent. Basically the tenant was living there for FREE.

This property was in need of updating and the client had a limited budget so we worked with it. WE had our first tenant in April 2019. That trenant stayed until.

Here are the approx numbers for this tenant in 2019

Rent $1200 tax $166 Insurance $60 PM $125 Net $849 The property was leased for Approx 31 Months for a Approx Net of $26,319

In September of 2022 we rehabbed it to sell and had it sold at the price this client wanted to sell the property for. After the client looked at the returns on rental income they decided to leave it as a rental.

We leased this property again after some rehab for $1500 a month in March of 2023. Let’s look at those approx numbers.

Rent $1500 Tax $175 Insurance $60 PM $125 Net $1140

Buying Investment real estate is just the beginning. Each Property needs long term care to get consistent higher income and generate great equity.

Need Income/Investment Real Estate complete with long term care?

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