How to have success with income real estate

​Lets face it, there are a lot of people that say they can find the best investment real estate that ever existed. ​Some say they know how to do things in a secret way that even the pros don’t know.

The winning formula is just getting good real estate that people actually want to live in and more importantly live their lives in. There are a lot of things that affect a home and if it is a good or bad investment.

Purchasing 100’s of homes and learning which ones work and which ones do not is really the secret sauce to investing. Being an investor since 1985 I have seen every market and understand what works and what does not.

I am currently selling a lot of homes for an investor with my Discount Listing System. A lot of these homes were purchased in very challenging areas to make money leasing.

Investors need to have a team that understands where to purchase and the detailed numbers that go with that property.

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Brett Young Doing 100's and 100's of homes

Real Estate agent for the last 24 years. Top Agent at Fathom Realty and District Director , Formally ICON Agent for EXP Realty 3 Times and Real Estate Coach