How to Supercharge your real estate business in 2021

Creating a marketing plan for your real estate services will be crucial in 2021. Why is that happening? Less physical contact will probably be with us for a while, so online marketing, branding whatever you want to call it will be crucial. Most home buyers and sellers will be online and they get a a lot of their real estate information from there.

Having your services online and visible is going to be very important for every agent to do. In 2020 I had to adapt to buy, Lease and sell homes to clients that live abroad.

A client called from California and wanted to buy a home in the Chagrin Falls Ohio area. The whole country was locked down and they could not get to Ohio. So I pulled my camera out and got to videoing and called the client for some quality face time. This allowed the client to see the home and ask questions about all the details in the home.

I found them a home in a nice golf course community and they live there today and enjoy their new nest.

I did not think hey I can’t get this client a home I changed my methods and used the tools that I had to get the job done. Having unique Real Estate services already set up allowed me to pivot my business to adapt to the ongoing real estate market.

Last year I decided to start my Flat Fee Listing System so I had to build websites and create content to get the word out. Last year I sold a lot of homes with my Flat Fee Listing system because I got the word out through my marketing company. In December 2020 I closed over $1 million dollars in real estate though my flat fee listing system alone.

My real estate business could make quick changes and have the tools to keep my business humming through 2020. In fact it was a Record year for my Real Estate business. 120 Transactions where completed in 2020 in my real estate business.

Need to make your real estate business able to be unique and adapting to your clients needs?

I have a detailed marketing system that I have created since 2009 that gets me clients and able to create unique real estate services my clients want…….

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