How we Keep Cleveland Income Real Estate so Affordable?

Why is Cleveland Ohio Metro so affordable to buy and invest in? When I first moved here in 2009 I could not believe the real estate prices on homes. Buying real estate was pretty easy until you ran into some of the cities in the area.

With Cleveland being a very old area there are a lot of little to mid sized cities in and around Cleveland. Understanding the reasons that some are so hot and others require a lot of experience.

Cleveland is affordable because of that, and we focus on the great areas that do not cost so much and have plenty of amenities.

Parma is one of the cities where you can buy a 3 bedroom home for around $120,000 (these are fixer uppers and have equity). These homes are on great streets and lease for $1400+ a month. The city has close to 80,000 people living in it and has all the stores you need. A+ tenants that stay 24 months or better and pay their rent.

Bedford is another city of about 16,000 population that we buy in that is really reasonable and is a B area that also gets great tenants. Homes in this area range for a 3 bedroom is about $95,000-$105,000. The homes are worth $135,000+ and lease for $1200+ a month. Close to Solon, Aurora and Macedonia for amenities. Lived in Bedford for 10 years in a great bedroom community.

Kamms Corner is very close to Lakewood Ohio it is a neighborhood in Cleveland Ohio and is an A area. The rents are $1300+ and high quality tenants. The properties run $110,000 to $150,000 (again these properties usually have a very good equity position when we purchase them. A lot of people live in the area and there are great amenities close by.

Westpark is another Cleveland Neighborhood good B area that gets $1250+ a month rent. Homes run $110,000-$130,000(again all the homes have great equity) and the area is trending up like all the other cities mentioned in this article. We have great success with tenants like the other areas. We just had 2 teachers move out after 2 years,

These are just a few city examples but we also add the rehab that keeps the properties very affordable. We do not make a ton of construction but it adds so much value to our system. It keeps investors making money on the lease and equity. Where else can you buy homes for these prices?

We make investment real estate in Cleveland Ohio affordable with no markups on our real estate. We just make commission on the sale and lease of each property,

My wife does the property management through Avalon Group Realty and has a very high success rate getting rents and keeping properties producing income.

When you want to sell the property I take care of that also. Selling 100’s and 100’s of homes for top prices with my Premium Flat Fee Listing Service.

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