International Investors Setting up us Business Checking Account

I see this all the time with international investors buying real estate in the USA and not having bank accounts set up for their LLC’s. When they sell their property they cannot cash their check. The title company will only wire the funds to an account with that name on it.

So I set up a company that can assist investors that need that done. It is pretty simple and getting the accounts debit cards and online banking is also very important to international investors.

If you are in the USA and want to set up your own account you need to have an EIN # on your LLC and EIN # on yourself. That is a new guideline that was explained to me by Bank of America.

Having a bank account in the USA makes it a lot easier if you have rental properties and or selling your real estate. It also establishes you a great way to get credit in the USA.

So it is simple to get a checking account set up if you have all these items ready to go.

If you’re an international investor make sure you have all these items before you go get a bank account open.

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