Most Affordable Housing Markets U.S. Has Most of Them

What I like about the Cleveland Ohio Metro system on buying homes to live and or create income with is it’s affordable. Let’s face it, where are you going to buy a nice property rehabbed for $130,000-$150,000? We have many examples of properties that we have already done for other investors to prove our system.

I was looking at the average price in Cuyahoga County last month, $186,000. Most major cities cost far more money. That is one of the most important parts of living is the cost of it.

Leasing real estate has been very good and keeps going up. Our average rental prices are $1250+ a month. If you’re in the right locations with your property then you are growing in equity also. All this together creates wealth.

You also need the right team around you. Meaning you need to have proper management on your property in order for it to continue to create great income for your personal income.

It is super crucial to get an asset that is going to give you what you want and expect. The system I have created is lessons learned from my own personal investments since 1985. As an investor there are some things that you need to have experience on to be successful.

Learn how to create a portfolio of income and equity producing real estate. We have a system of affordable homes that work for our investors. 1000+ properties and counting……

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