Occupancy makes all the Income Real Estate look at the difference

Getting real estate leased and keeping tenants for 12 months or more requires expertise in many different venues.

For example what type of tenant are you going to have in a property. Good question would be is a $850 a month tenant better than a $1400 a month tenant?

The next question would be based on a 12 month stay. How much will be left when the tenant leaves and you have to get the property back into shape to lease again?

That seems like a simple question but investors Rarely look at that. One more question I would ask myself which tenant would probably leave the property in the best condition?

Doing the 100’s and 100’s properties that I have done in my career I have an answer to all those questions.

My clients stay in properties that create great income and equity. Getting in the right type of real estate that has the best chance to make great money is what it is about.

There are a lot of smoke screens out there. If you notice I post a lot of numbers on me and my clients’ purchases. I do that because it is important for investors to understand what I do for me and my clients.

Getting the best real estate for me and my clients is very hard work but that is all needed to be successful in Investment Real Estate.

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Brett Young Doing 100's and 100's of homes

Real Estate agent for the last 24 years. Top Agent at Fathom Realty and District Director , Formally ICON Agent for EXP Realty 3 Times and Real Estate Coach