Shortage of homes for sale strains supply of rentals

During the Covid-19 Crisis the home sales market is steaming hot, but lack of inventory keeps some folks out in the cold. Those buyers have to sometimes lease a property before they can buy. You also have some folks that are laid off temporary that also cannot purchase a home.

I listed homes for lease almost on a weekly basis and I listed a few properties in the last few weeks. Yesterday I also added a new property and my cell phone rang off the hook! My message center filled up 2 times. The property also was leased in one day!!!!!!!

There are a lot of people moving and they need real estate whether they purchase or lease it. Luckily we do both and always have new properties coming on the market. We are at 100% complicity all our units are leased and creating great income for our clients.

Covid-19 has effected a lot of things in this world including real estate. Homes are leasing for top dollar to professionals that still have good jobs. Most of the unemployment has effected people who make under $40,000 a year. We purchase real estate that professionals want to lease.

Buying those type of homes keeps our clients insulated from missed lease payments. That is what we purchase is only nice real estate that will attract quality tenants that pay their leases.

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