Truth and Lies in Investment Real Estate

I look at a lot of different investment consultants in real estate and their videos, They always have deals they want to sell or deals that they never show the end results of their purchases.

That is a sure sign of not profitable results. In my Investment real estate business I am always sharing all the success we have with our real estate. After 1,2,3 years I’m still showing the results of our portfolio.

That is really the only report I would look at when buying a property for investment/income. I am working with another potential client that lives internationally and was sucked into a course that advertises they can teach you to buy investment real estate. They think their knowledge will be equal to my 38 years of investing and 1000+ transactions in investment real estate.

First of all every property and city is different from the next and needs special attention on certain items. In Ohio you need to know the city codes and where is the best city to purchase real estate in? You need to know all the ins and outs.

You also need construction crews that you know are giving you the best deals. Most wholesalers that construct have an outside company doing the work. YIKES that can spell total disaster when you are trying to make the most on a piece of property. I have tried to help many investors that…



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