Why Cleveland is a better place to Invest?

Cleveland is a great place to invest your money in real estate. There are a lot of different places that say they’re the next best thing for you and your income but here is why Cleveland is better.

1. The prices in A and B areas in Cleveland metro are extremely good. These properties offer much income and equity that is very attractive. The tenants that are attracted to the area are usually professionals and people that have good jobs.

2. No major weather in Cleveland. We do not have any type of major destructive storms. The bad weather we do have is very temporary. The average temperature in the summer in Cleveland is 77–81 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter it is 34 degrees to 23 Degrees Fahrenheit.

That is mild and manageable as a property owner. The snowfall in 2021 was 50+ inches means there are usually 1–2 good snowfalls that you need to manage.

3. There are great things to do like dining out at many great places to eat and enjoy the night. There is also an Ice Cream company called https://www.mitchellshomemade.com/ that has some of the best flavors in the world.

Great paying white and blue collar jobs the current unemployment rate is around 5%. The cost of living is much lower than other American cities.



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