Why Our Tenants Stay put in our Real Estate

This Property was leased in September of 2021 for $1150 a month and the tenant has been in this property ever since.

We raised the rent to $1200 in February 2023 and now this month we raised the rent to $1300 a month. Let’s look at the net results (there were some repairs taken from this amount).

Approx numbers are Rent $1150 Tax $169 Insurance $60 P/M $115 Net $806 Leased 15 months $12,090 February 2023 Raised $1200 Rent $1200 Tax $179 Insurance $60 P/M $120 Net $841 Leased 15 months $12,615

Raised Rent $1300 in June 2024 This property has only had $700 (No always the case) in repairs since 2021. That’s it! Total Net — $700= $25,305 Net proceeds! Taxes, Insurance and P/M already taken out and Paid.

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